Project Summary

At the doorstep of Europe, the NW African plate boundary system is paradoxically the least understood segment of the Earth’s global plate system. This largely reflects the intrinsic complexity of the present-day plate boundary, characterized by a diffuse geometry and several lithospheric domains accommodating the relative motion between Eurasia and Africa. MEDYNA is aimed at filling this gap fostering the transfer of knowledge through a 4 year program of research staff exchange as an essential step forward to lay the foundations for a sustainable collaboration network on Integrated Earth Science studies between EU-Maghreb researchers working in NW Africa. MEDYNA is an ambitious exchange scheme on Integrated Earth Sciences that will involve the exchange of over 100 ESR/ERS (485 months) between 4 Mediterranean EU beneficiary institutions from Spain, France and Portugal, and 15 MPC partner institutions from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. MEDYNA will reinforce networks for long-term, joint research projects and high-level training of researchers between EU and Maghreb staff and will spark synergies to become a sustainable and key initiative for widening ERA towards MPCs in the field of Integrated Earth Sciences.


Map represents the different secondment exchange relationships between beneficiaries (are represented by the red circles) and partners (are represented by blue circles).