1st Atlas Georesources International Congress (AGIC)

The 1st Atlas Georesources International Congress (March 20 – 22, 2017 Hammamet – Tunisia) was organized by CERTE partner (Fakher Jamoussi) in Tunisia and Dr. Alberto López-Galindo (CSIC) and Jean-Louis Bodinier (CNRS) were part of the Scientific Committee.

This international conference gathered researchers, policy makers, practitioners, students, social enterprises and social economy from different MPC countries to share their knowledge, research and discuss challenging advances in geosciences and their applications for human being development. This open event focused on georesources and tasks related to the IRSES-MEDYNA Work Package nº 4, 2 and 1, and beyond, including: Bassin research, Geomodeling and geostatistics, water resources, energy, geomaterials and mines, climate and geohazards. More than 120 participants attended the meeting, including IRSES Medyna ERs and ESRs who presented their results.

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