Dissemination and Communication of Results

In order to ensure an effective dissemination of the project results, the “Transfer of Knowledge, Dissemination and Outreach Work package (WP nº 5)” foresaw the following activities: (i) workshops and meetings, (iv) joint scholarly publications, and (v) other dissemination and communication activities that are available at this website. The dissemination scheme exploits the plethora of trans/multidisciplinary expertise of MEDYNA researchers as an asset to create a productive synergistic and sustainable transfer of knowledge that will allow developing a shared agenda for future research and a conceptual and methodological framework for new joint research ventures between EU and Maghreb researchers. The dissemination of results in the MEDYNA project has encompassed publications in leading scholarly journals of different disciplines, and talks and conference papers in thematic symposia of the different MEDYNA WPs in many international meetings and conferences. The joint authorship of publications and conference papers shows the excellent collaboration among MEDYNA beneficiaries and partners.


Publications are now hosted and available in the MEDYNA dedicated project site of the RESEARCHGATE social networking site for scientists and researchers to share research results at: https://www.researchgate.net/project/FP7-IRSES-MEDYNA-Maghreb-EU-Research-Staff-Exchange-on-Geodynamics-Geohazards-and-Applied-Geology-in-Northwest-Africa.