The overarching goal of IRSES MEDYNA is to create and/or reinforce networks for long-term, joint research projects and high-level training between European and Maghreb research staff working in the fields of Geodynamics, Geohazards, and Applied Geology in NW Africa. MEDYNA is an ambitious research staff exchange scheme on Integrated Earth Sciences that will promote international collaborations between 4 EU Beneficiaries from Mediterranean EU institutions in Spain, France and Portugal, and 15 Mediterranean partner institutions from the Partnership Countries (MPC) of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

IRSES MEDYNA will reinforce existing successful collaborative networks between Mediterranean EU institutions and Maghreb researchers that share an interest in multidisciplinary Earth Science research with a focus on NW Africa. MEDYNA will provide Maghreb partners with training of a critical mass and profit of educational, technological, industrial and social impact/value. On the other hand, EU research staff will tap the long standing and unique in-depth knowledge of Maghreb’s research staff on the Geodynamics, Geohazards, and Applied Geology of NW Africa. This mutually beneficial research theme will act as a common thread where two-way knowledge will be transferred to staff of all participant institutions.

The secondment of EU and Maghreb senior and junior scientists will contribute to the training, improvement of the scientific and education system and to the strengthening of the links between Maghreb and Europe researchers in  Geodynamics, Geohazards and Applied Geology in NW Africa. The researches participating in the project include some of the most relevant groups working in the area in collaboration with Maghreb’s researchers, such that MEDYNA provides an outstanding framework for the transfer of knowledge. MEDYNA will lay down the foundations and set up tools for sustainable collaboration between EU and Maghreb institutions in the integrated studies of Geodynamics, Geohazards, and Applied Geology, well beyond the end of the project.