VU University Amsterdam, Department of Tectonics, 
De Boelelaan 1085, 1081 HV Amsterdam, 
The Netherlands. Tel. +31 20 598 7341 (Office); 
E-mail: sierd [dot] cloetinghatfalw [dot] vu [dot] nl 
Date and place of birth: 20 August 1950, Groningen 


- BSc degree geology with physics and mathematics, University of Groningen (supervisors 
Professors Ph.Kuenen and L.M.J.U. van Straaten): March 1972 
- MSc degree geophysics with minors in structural geology and numerical mathematics 
(cum laude; supervisor Prof. dr. N.J. Vlaar), University of Utrecht: January 1977 
- PhD degree geophysics University of Utrecht (Thesis: Evolution of passive margins and 
initiation of subduction zones; Promotor: Prof. dr. N.J. Vlaar): December 1982 



Solid Earth geophysics, tectonics, intraplate deformation, lithospheric dynamics, 
sedimentary basin evolution, sea level change. 
Refereed scientific journal articles 
Authorship of 200 publications in international refereed journals, 25 chapters in peer 
reviewed books and editorship of 25 special thematic volumes of the international journals 
"Journal of Geophysical Research", "Sedimentary Geology", "Marine and Petroleum 
Geology", “Global and Planetary Change”, and "Tectonophysics" on the above listed 
research topics. 


Member Lithosphere Panel, International Ocean Drilling Project, 1988-1992 
Chairman of the International Lithosphere Programme Task Force, "Origin of Sedimentary 
 Basins", 1990-2001 
Coordinator, European Programme on Basin Modelling, 1990-1995 
Liaison, Tectonics Panel, International Ocean Drilling Project, 1991-1992 
Chairman of the Scientific Committee, European Union of Geosciences Conference EUG 
 VII, Strasbourg, 1993 
Member Steering Committee International Association of Structural/Tectonic Geologists 
 (IASTG), 1993-2001 
Vice-President of the European Union of Geosciences EUG, 1993-1995 
Chairman Scientific Council EUROBASIN Research School, 1996-PRESENT 
Member Scientific Advisory Board of the BRGM Geofrance3D program, 1998-2000 
Member Scientific Council GEOMARE-SUD Marine Research Institute Italian CNR, 
President European Geophysical Society, 1998-2000 
Chairman Earth and Cosmic Sciences Section, Academia Europaea, 1999-2008 
Member Council Academia Europaea, 1999-2008 
President International Lithosphere Programme, 2004-PRESENT 
Coordinator TOPO-EUROPE Research initiative, 2005-PRESENT 
Member Scientific Committee of the French Geological Survey BRGM, 2006-PRESENT 
Member Scientific Council Institut Français du Pétrole, 2006-PRESENT 
Chairman Scientific Committee ESF EUROCORES TOPO-EUROPE 
Vice President Academia Europaea 2008-PRESENT 
Member of the ERC Scientific Council, 2009-PRESENT



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