Resources and Innovative Geology (RIG)

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Proceedings of the RIG-2016 (Montpellier)

Resources and Innovative Geology (RIG) was co-organized by IRSES-MEDYNA and TERINOV, and took place from 4th through 7th April 2016 at the beneficiary University of Montpellier, Montpellier, France (UM). The workshop was focused on the natural resources exploration (raw materials). It gathered the main experts in the framework of exploration and production (geologists, operators, services, offices studies) from the Maghreb and Southern Europe. RIG allowed participants to search for new skills, explore new markets and new collaborations on both sides of the Mediterranean. The main objective of adapt the skills of neighboring fields, present scientific results and discover innovative techniques.

IRSES-MEDYNA ERs were part of the Scientific and Organization Committee, including Michel Séranne (Géosciences Montpellier & MEDYNA), Jean-Louis Bodinier (Géosciences Montpellier & MEDYNA), Alain Chauvet (Géosciences Montpellier & MEDYNA), Moulay Saïd El Youssoufi (LMGC & Terinov), El Hassane Chellaï (U. Cadi Ayyad Marrakech & MEDYNA), Aziouz Ouabadi (USTHB & MEDYNA), Fakher Jamoussi (CERTE Tunis & MEDYNA), and Alberto Lopez-Galindo (CSIC Granada & MEDYNA). More than 20 representatives of MEDYNA partners and beneficiary institutions attended this successful workshop, as a large number of ESRs Ph.D students. Several plenary lectures dealing and round-tables with research topics according with the background of the MEDYNA program.  

35 participants of who were 13 partners from IRSES-MEDYNA. Furthermore, there were 50 participants from the Maghreb as a whole, including representatives from the Management and OCP companies in Morocco, and ONM (Office National des Mines) in Tunisia.

Resources & innovative geology.

The exploitation of mineral and natural resources. Ticks faces the challenges of increasingly complex;
  - Improved exploration and evaluation in rarefaction context.
  - Optimization of the resource and its derivatives in order to business case.
  - Management, monitoring, securing and operating sites of their developments.
  - Preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

The questions often fall in the geosciences disciplines which offer innovative responses.

RIG : Resources Innovative & Geology brings together the players in the exploration and production of natural resources (geologists, operators, services, consultancies) Maghreb and Southern Europe. The main objectives will be; to meet, discuss, interact,  to initiate new R & D collaborations, adapting the skills of similar courses, presenting scientific results and discover innovative techniques. It will allow the participants to seek new skills and explore new markets on both sides of the Mediterranean.

RIG-2016 Workshop is jointly organised by:

The cluster TERINOV that regroups companies, research centers and universities. Terinov fosters economic growth for geosciences-based businesses, through research and innovation. Terinov members are involved in the areas of energy, mineral resources, geotechnics, environment, underground water and geological hazards.

MEDYNA, scientific collaboration network on applied geosciences across the Mediterranean. The mobility program links 16 research centers from North Africa and 5 from Southern Europe in order to increase synergies between multidisciplinary studies on the origin of strategic mineral resources, and on the use of new geomaterials.

Scientific and Organisation Committee

 Michel Séranne Géosciences Montpellier & Medyna & Terinov
 Jean-Louis Bodinier Géosciences Montpellier & Medyna
 Alain Chauvet Géosciences Montpellier & Medyna
 Moulay Saïd El Youssoufi LMGC & Terinov
 Frantz Maerten Schlumberger & Terinov
 Ariane Blum BRGM & Terinov
 David Salze Ecole des Mines Alès & Terinov
 Claude Michel Fugro & Terinov
 El Hassane Chellaï U. Cadi Ayyad Marrakech & Medyna
 Aziouz Ouabadi USTHB Alger & Medyna
 Fakher Jamoussi CERTE Tunis & Medyna
 Alberto Lopez-Gallindo CSIC Granada & Medyna

Fig.1.MEDYNA's participants visit the SALINES DE VAUVERT.

Fig.2. A view of the conference room during the presentation of the MANAGEM representative on the Imiter Siklver Mine (Morooco).

Fig.3. Introduction of the invited speaker of the evening open conference Bruno Goffé (on the left) by the main RIG-2016 organizer Michel Séranne (on the right).

Fig.4. A view of the posters hall with a Master student from Montpellier Emiie Marchand discussing her work "High Atlas phosphates deposits" with a PhD student from UCA, Marrakech Nazaire Nzaou Mabika, working of a Managem-funded project on gold deposits in Gabon.