The main goal of IRSES-MEDYNA is the exchange of Experienced Researchers (ESRs) and Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) among participant EU and Maghreb institutions. IRSES MEDYNA participants include key EU and Maghreb research groups working in in the fields of Geodynamics, Geohazards and Applied Geology in NW Africa. The main activity IRSES-MEDYNA funds are training and transfer of knowledge stays (secondments) of staff ESRs and ER between the EU beneficiaries and the Maghreb partner institutions. The secondments of EU and Maghreb staff contributes to the training and transfer of knowledge among the participants, strengthening the links between Maghreb’s and European’s Staff working in Geodynamics, Geohazards and Applied Geology in NW Africa. IRSES-MEDYNA secondment provides an outstanding framework for the transfer of knowledge and the sustainable collaboration between EU and Maghreb institutions working on integrated solid Earth Sciences

  • Who can participate?
  1. Research staff and Technical Staff that must have a contract or be civil servants on his origin institution.
  2. PhD and Master students who must be enrolled in a PhD or Master program at their institutions of origin at the time of the research stay. Proof of enrollment is required.
  • Is there any constrain on research stays?
  1. MOBILITY CONSTRAINS: Individuals from EU institutions can travel to Maghreb institutions and vice-versa. Exchanges between EU institutions or between Maghreb institutions are not allowed.
  2. TEMPORAL CONSTRAINS: No individual can accumulate more than 12 months of stays in 4 years.

              a)  For researchers (Maghreb and EU), stays MUST last at least one month, and at least one must be done over the 4 years of duration of the network. Shorther stays are not allowed except under special circumstances (professors and researchers).

              b) Maghreb students MUST stay at least 2 months (and preferably 3) in EU.

     3.   NUMBER OF TRAVEL CONSTRAINS: No individual can travel more than once a year to the same institution, with a maximum of 2 travels per year

  • How much will I be paid?

 Participants (Student and Researchers) will be paid a flat rate of around 1200 Euros/month (to cover lodging and living expenses), and a single allowance per secondment of 400 Euros maximun to cover the travel costs.However, this can be managed   differently without implying modifications of the maximum amount received by each beneficiary and without modifying the number of person/months foreseen in the project for each party.  Individual Expenses over these limits will not be covered by IRSES-MEDYNA.

Travel tickets, visas and reports of research activity will be required to claim the funding.