Staff member definition

According to the provisions of the Annex III of the GA only staff members are eligible to participate in IRSES exchanges of secondments. The definition of staff member is subject to the following cumulative conditions:

  • Researchers have a formal relationship with the home organisation. That would normally consist of an employment contract. However, other forms of contractual relationships (e.g. stipends are also acceptable)
  • Researchers keep receiving a salary (even in the form of a stipend or other forms of remuneration) during the secondment period from the home organisation
  • Researchers are early stage researchers or experienced researchers or part of the technical or managerial staff involved in the research activities of the exchange programme.

(It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that the above conditions are met and that national law and provisions are complied with. Provided the above conditions are fulfilled the REA does not intervene in issues linked to the interpretation of national law or internal practices of each organisation)

Involvement of technical and/or managerial staff

The secondment of technical and/or managerial staff is limited to staff involved in the research activities of the exchange programme. This category must not be used as a way to deviate from the eligibility conditions applicable to Early Stage Researchers or Experienced Researchers as well from the project objectives stated in Annex I of the Grant Agreement.

Eligible secondments

Each secondment must also comply with the following eligibility conditions:

  • The same researcher cannot cumulate more than 12 months of secondments over the entire duration of the project;
  • Secondments among beneficiaries (in EU/AC) are not eligible;
  • Secondments among third country partners are not eligible;
  • Secondments for carrying out activities not linked to the project are not eligible.

Secondments which are not eligible will not be taken into consideration for funding. It is therefore recommended to verify ex ante the eligibility of the secondments at the stage of the planning in order to avoid problems or delays at reporting stage.

Note that the Principal Investigator have already established a Schedule of Secondments for the different work packages. It is highly recommended that IRSES MEDYNA participants fill in FORM A1 and A2 and submit then to the Coordinator and the IP before the secondment and the FORM B after the secondment.

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