Transfer of knowledge and Training activities

In order to ensure an effective and sustainable transfer of knowledge (ToK) between participant institutions, MEDYNA planned in the Work Package on “Transfer of Knowledge, Dissemination and Outreach (WP5)” different tasks and activities. This WP will manage a tightly structured ToK exchange programme encompassing the (i) present MEDYNA website for the dissemination of results and training activities (ii) EU-Maghreb PhD Theses collaborative research, (iii) onsite training during staff secondments, (iv) MEDYNA sponsored and organized short-courses and training events, and (v) an online-video repository of  key conferences and talks.


          1. Secondments, onsite training and ToK.

          2. Training of ESRs: EU-Maghreb PhD Theses collaborative research.

          3. MEDYNA Short-courses and training events.

          4. Online-video Conferences.