Transfer of Knowledge

In order to ensure an effective and sustainable transfer of knowledge (ToK) between participant institutions, MEDYNA has a dedicated Work Package on “Transfer of Knowledge, Dissemination and Outreach (WP5)”. This WP will manage a tightly structured ToK exchange programme encompassing an (i) online dissemination, training and discussion platform, as well as ToK driven by (ii) collaborative research, (iii) onsite training, workshops and meetings, (iv) joint scholarly publications, and (v) other dissemination and outreach activities.

The main objective is Constrain the composition, structure and dynamic of the shallower asthenospheric mantle and lithosphere combining complementary disciplines (seismology, petrophysics, volcanology, petrology, geochemistry and geochronology) and observations at different temporal and spatial length-scales to unravel the tectonomagmatic evolution and deep processes responsible for the current topography, high heat flow, and gravity and geoid anomalies in many areas of NW Africa.



Start date 



Transfer of Knowledge, Dissemination & Outreach



Description of work

Task 5.1 : Online system: design, management and optimization of the MEDYNA online system, including conference video repository, links to open access document in, mailing lists, and the WPs’ subareas and wiki and specific areas for outreach.

Task 5.2: On-site line research training session researchers: design and development of training documentation assembling the WP documentations and adding new material to
improve readability and usage.

Task 5.3: Organization of Workshops: Organization of bi-annual MEDYNA workshops and sessions at leading international conferences.

Task 5.4: Outreach activities.