Training of ESRs: EU-Maghreb PhD Theses collaborative research

IRSES-MEDYNA beneficiaries and partners have been involved in a large number of joint projects that involved the training of ESRs in the different Work Packages and Tasks of the project. The Transfer of Knowledge (ToK) has been possible thanks to the active collaboration —through co-advising or co-tutoring of PhD Thesis— between MEDYNA beneficiaries and partners. A total of 15 Ph.D. Theses have been successfully defended, and 45 Ph.D. Theses are currently in progress. As planned in the DoW Annex I, we have implemented quite successfully a balance of gender of ESR in this action.

Interpersonal transfer of knowledge have involved at least one ER who worked closely with the ESRs during secondments, co-supervising their research and training. During he secondments, the ESRs have exchanged fundamental knowledge to develop their PhD thesis through a large diversity of activities, encompassing fieldwork, laboratory skills, instrumental analyses, data analysis and processing, writing skills, etc... They have also been trained in transferrable skills such as talk to different audience targets in the MEDYNA and related workshops and writing in English, among others. This ToK has built high quality research capacity for the MPC partners and the beneficiary participants. It has also ensured an optimal sharing of knowledge and training involving different discipline and experience level in Solid Earth Sciences.


The IRSES-MEDYNA PhD Thesis involving ESRs in different work packages is provided below. The ERs from different MEDYNA participants that were —or are involved— in the PhD Thesis are underlined.

Link to Ph.D. Theses