Mediterranean School on modeling & Multi-scale imagery in Earth Sciences

Press Release

Press Release

The first Mediterranean Training School on Modeling & Multi-scale Imagery in Geosciences took place in Algiers (Algeria) from 10-19 May 2016 and was attended by 30 ESRs. The training school was organized by the Algerian IRSES-MEDYNA partners USTHB and CRAAG, in cooperation with other IRSES-MEDYNA partners. The school was aimed at the 

training ESRs in different digital imaging and modeling techniques in Geosciences. The training covered a large spectrum of applications at length scales from minerals to planets. The school addressed topics ranging from fundamental to applied geosciences, including exploration of raw material resources and modelling of their genesis. The main topics covered were:

  1. Mathematical Methods in Geosciences.
  2. Geology of the Hoggar and adjacent areas.
  3. Geoinformatics.
  4. Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery.
  5. Geological Modelling (Thermodynamics and Geodynamics).

Geophysical Modelling.

The courses were taught by ERs of EU beneficiaries (UMPO, CNRS, UM, CSIC) as ERs from Maghreb partners. 

Fig.1 .All participants Mediterranean School on Modeling & Multi-scale Imagery in earth Sciences.


Fig.1 .Opening event and presentation by the organizing committee.

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