1) 16th INTERNATIONAL CLAY CONFERENCE. Clays from the Ocean to Space

ICC 2017, it will be place in Granada 17-21 of July.

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2) 1st Atlas Georesources International Congress (AGIC)

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During 2016

In addition to the above meetings, several sessions in international meetings were held as planned in the DoW. The following sessions were organized at biggest Earth Sciences meeting in Europe: the 2016 General Assembly of the European Union of Geosciences.


SM6.1/NH4.12/TS4.6: Seismotectonics and Seismic Hazard along the Western part of the Eurasia–Nubia plate boundary. Conveners: Mourad Bezzeghoud (UEVORA & MEDYNA); Abdelilah Tahayt (UMV & MEDYNA), Bento Caldeira (UEVORA & MEDYNA), Mustapha Meghraoui , Assia Harbi (CRAAG & MEDYNA) , Ayadi Abdelhakim (CRAAG & MEDYNA), Elisa Buforn, Mohamed El Gabry.



SM2.2/NH4.13: Earthquake ground-motion - Source, site and path effects

Conveners: José Borges (UEVORA & MEDYNA), P. Martin Mai , Donat Fäh , Mourad Bezzeghoud (UEVORA & MEDYNA) , Bento Caldeira (UEVORA & MEDYNA)



Large Earthquakes and Tsunami Processes (co-organized)

Convener: Mourad Bezzeghoud  | Co-Conveners: P. Martin Mai , Maria Ana Baptista , Elisa Buforn , Hélène Herbert

Most tsunamis that have caused significant loss of life and property damage have been generated by large earthquakes that occurred around the Pacific Rim. Earthquake source processes, tsunami wave propagation effects, and coastal topography determine tsunami effects on society. How can Science and Technology be applied to reduce the risk? We must learn from each earthquake and tsunami, and continue to apply our knowledge to enhance disaster resilience. We encourage submission of abstracts related to experience and lessons learned from large earthquake and tsunami studies in the domains of: dynamics of tsunamis due to earthquake-source and near-shore wave-propagation effects, advanced simulation and modeling, networks of sensors and communication, tsunami warning system, multi-hazard emergency response plans, data collection on wave run-up and inundation, subsidence, liquefaction, or other factors that help to understand the large event and its consequences and to support the implementation of effective mitigation measures in the future.

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During 2015

  • EGU General Assembly in Vienna 2015, 12-17 April, 2015 

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Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology


Crustal construction processes from the Backarc-Arc to the Forearc and the origin of ophiolites of belts and subduction arcs (co-organized)(link is external)

Convener: Cesar R. Ranero; Co-Conveners: Carlos J. Garrido​, Claudio Faccenna, Philippe Agard


During 2014

  • 24 Réunion des Sciences de la Terre, 27-31 October 2014 (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour)

Session 3.8 : Dynamique des orogènes ;“Lower Sebtides Neogene exhumation and uplift in Ceuta and Cabo Negro areas (Internal Rif, Northern Morocco): insights from medium-and low-temperature
thermochronology. Adrien Romagny, Philippe Munch, Marc Jolivet, Michel Corsini, Jean-Marc Lardeaux, Bruno Scalabrino, Michaël Bonno, Ali Azdimousa, Nicolas Arnaud, Patrick Monié.

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  • Meeting between Marrakech University and University of Nice –Sophia Antipolis, (Marrakech from 20 to 25 May 2014)

“Establishment of future scientific collaboration between the Faculty of Science Semlalia University Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech and Géoazur laboratory at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis in the context of MEDYNA Project”.

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  • 6th Orogenic Lherzolite Conference (Morocoo) Marrakech, 4-15 of May.

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  • European Geosciences Union General Assembly. Vienna (Austria) 27 April – 02 May 2014.”Dynamics and Structure of the Mediterranean Alpine Collision and Back-arcs (including the Stephan Mueller Medal lecture by Claudio Faccenna) (co-organized)”.

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